Commercial Disputes

Signing contracts is a big part of our individual and professional lives. Whether you have a business that enters into contracts or you as an individual, at the time of signing, nobody expects things to go wrong, but invariably they do.

The scrutiny of the underlying terms is our main focus, and using our ancillary commercial contracts experience, handing commercial disputes becomes an everyday process that we can provide additional information about.

We are a team of talented partners that can provide additional information and advice on a range of commercial legal issues. 


Sometimes presented contracts can be alright with us, but the truth is that every word counts, so it is necessary to take the situation seriously no matter the case. Whether you are signing a contract for the supply of goods and services, standard terms of employment, warranties, or joint ventures, we are here to help you to provide additional information that will help you identify the risks and strengthen your contractual position.

Commercial fraud

Commercial fraud has become a reality for so many businesses. You are facing a potential threat of commercial fraud regardless of the sector in which you work. Nobody wants to deal with commercial fraud, but since it has become our reality, it is better if you prepare yourself using powerful tools in the law’s arsenal. 

We have experience in providing advice on both straight forward or complex matters, including international claims for companies as well as private individuals. 

It is much easier to face commercial disputes when you already have a structurally good contract. This means that preparation and identifying risks before signing a contract is a crucial process of every agreement. We are here to provide additional information that will help you improve your contractual position and lower the risks for facing potential commercial disputes.